A review of star was dark force rising by timothy zahn

A review of star was dark force rising by timothy zahn

Most of the different plot lines in this book could stand perfectly well alone in their own books, but Zahn weaves them together so beautifully, it comes across as one big story, and doesn't overwhelm the reader.

In Dark Force Rising we have a few plot threads going: Indeed, I felt she was a bit too fast in her corruption. In the background, pulling all the strings, is Grand Admiral Thrawn.

A smuggler with no good dialogue The ongoing struggle between them closey mirrors the cold war between Thrawn and C'Boath. As a straight-up narrator, he was great. The Nohgri continue to try to capture Leia, who eventually travels to their homeworld in an attempt to make some sort of truce and win them over to the New Republic.

I was a bit annoyed with mist encounter 2. I was twelve-years-old and it changed my view of how Star Wars and writing were supposed to work. It's an interesting take to have her ve a small town girl in the Big City who ends up becoming a ruthless Space Nazi but Zahn doesn't pull any punches in her corruption.

Princess Leia

But the plots converge very nicely as well. I loved them so much I read every single one of Timothy Zahn's other Star Wars books and plan to read his original works sometime this year.

In conclusion, this was a decent book all round and had a lot of Easter Eggs for the fans of the Rebels cartoon.

Evil Jedi extraordinaire who errrr does nothing except preside as court judge to a bunch of farmers. The book doesn't deal with any great threats to the Empire. A couple years ago, though, some of those EU characters started making a return to canon storytelling but with different supporting tales.

There were a couple of times where I thought it was just too much. July 24, Ever since the release of Star Wars: Heck, I even grew to appreciate his take on both Vader and Thrawn the more I listened to them.

Sequel to Star Wars:.

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Get this from a library! Dark force rising. [Timothy Zahn; Tom Jung; Science Fiction Book Club,] -- With Luke trapped by the Dark Jedi, Han pursuing a missing battle fleet, and Princess Leia occupied with influencing an alien race heretofore loyal to Thrawn, the fate of the Republic is threatened.

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Thrawn And On and On Episode 2: Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn (A Star Wars Literary Podcast)

Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy (PB), 2. Intended for a juvenile audience. Contact This Seller. Timothy Zahn is the author of more than forty novels, nearly ninety short stories and novellas, and four short fiction collections. Inhe won the Hugo Award for best novella.

Zahn is best known for his Star Wars novels (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, Specter of the Past, Vision of the Future, Survivor’s Quest, Outbound Flight, Allegiance, Choices of One, and.


The opening crawl text from every Star a review of star was dark force rising by timothy zahn Wars movie. Gavin Darklighter a review of star was dark force rising by timothy zahn was a Human male from Buy term paper Tatooine born during the Imperial Period.

Timothy Zahn Booklist Timothy Zahn Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Dark Force Rising - Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy 2 The plot thickens as Grand Admiral Thrawn looks for another source of much needed warships. The dying Empire's most cunning and ruthless warlord -- Grand Admiral Thrawn -- has taken command of the remnants of the Imperial fleet and launched a massive campaign aimed at the New Republic's destruction.

With the aid of unimaginable weapons long hidden.

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