Literature review on schizophrenia

However, exploration of this topic surpasses the scope of this article. You may also want to review the following documents that are available in the Doc Sharing area of the course: Discussion of articles clearly relates to those themes, theories, or concepts instead of discussing each article individually.

The aim of this review is to consider, compile and describe the humanistic burden of schizophrenia as documented in the literature.

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More relevant is the fact that there are different theoretical conceptualizations regarding the cognitive architecture of ToM.

Main findings included the high death rates that may be explained by long-lasting negative health habits, disease- and treatment-related metabolic disorders, and consequent increased frequencies of cardiovascular diseases. This model would best fit into the simulation theory of ToM.

Improving adherence in schizophrenia may have a considerable positive impact on patients and society. However, exploration of this topic surpasses the scope of this article. Essay on birth control methods essay about turning challenges to opportunities researh essayHow to write a good essay for college application zone sidestroke descriptive essay essay on my journey through school But Christmas holiday is the biggest myth ever.

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Explanation of the relevance of the topic to the field of psychology is clear. The most extensive ToM studies have been carried out in autistic spectrum disorders e.

According to this model, ToM deficits are expected to occur exclusively in patients with prominent thought and language disorganization, whereas patients without disorganization symptoms are predicted to have preserved ToM abilities.

Literature review on schizophrenia violence

Zero in on the main theme or finding and then move on to the next theme. Clinical findings strongly suggest that patients with schizophrenia are impaired in social interaction relating to their reduced capacity to effectively engage in communication e. Abu-Akel and Bailey have further proposed a continuity model of ToM deficits: To improve comparability, costs were reported as a percentage of health care expenditures and as a per-ten-thousand of GDP gross domestic product.

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Theory of mindbrain evolutionschizophrenialinguisticsbehaviorsocial competence The term theory of mind ToM refers to the cognitive capacity to represent one's own and other persons' mental states, for instance, in terms of thinking, believing, or pretending. However, this rather fixed model of ToM acquisition in ontogeny partly neglects the impact of the social environment on the development of ToM skills in infants and children.

Scholl and Leslie have furthermore argued that the accurate functioning of ToMM depends on what they have called a selection processor SP to separate relevant from irrelevant contextual information, which may enhance the likelihood that a person's inference of others' mental states is correct.

This model suggests that infants and children acquire different levels of representational skills in steps during ontogeny, starting out with primary representations of the self as an acting agent. Particular attention was given to the effect of nonadherence on hospitalization rates, as a key driver of increased costs of care.

It seems likely that the divergent positions in this debate are not irreconcilable, but such a discussion is beyond the scope of this article. Where can it go. Not until age 3 to 4, however, is a child able to distinguish between his or her own and another person's beliefs—for example, that someone may hold false beliefs that do not match the child's own knowledge, a situation commonly referred to as first order false belief.

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Discussion Humanistic burden among patients with schizophrenia is substantial potentially impacted by co-morbid depressive symptoms, caregiver burden and cognitive impairment. Furthermore, ToM research in nonhuman primates has helped clarify how ToM may best be conceptualized and tested Brownell et al.

Potential factors for nonadherence may be related to disease severity, treatment characteristics or even external environmental factors such as therapeutic support [ Llorca, ]. Factors positively related to adherence were a good therapeutic relationship with physician and perception of benefits of medication.

Errors are infrequent and do not interfere with readability or comprehension. The most recent comprehensive review [Velligan et al. ] on nonadherence in schizophrenia, which involved both a literature review and experts’ ratings on the findings in the literature, found that poor insight and lack of illness awareness, a belief that medications are no longer needed, and lack of treatment efficacy were key factors.

ILLNESS: A LITERATURE REVIEW Jana C. Saunders, PhD, RN, CS Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness, which is stressful not only for patients, but also for family members.

in the literature review based on their significant contribution to the literature.

[The cost of schizophrenia: A literature review.]

In this paper, I will focus on the. Literature Review Paper — Schizophrenia The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to select a topic in the particular area in which you have an occupational or research interest, and to complete a literature review of the topic, using a minimum of ten scholarly references.

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review on dementia), a review of the literature on classification and diagnosis, course and progression of the illness, cognitive impairment and functioning, and treatment schizophrenia; however, the progression of cognitive decline in an aging individual.

A review of the literature indicates that there is a dearth of intervention studies specific to the treatment of children diagnosed with early-onset schizophrenia, though this form of schizophrenia is considered to be more severe and chronic.

Literature review on schizophrenia
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