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Not only have we seen these characters before, but they're the kind with no discernible redeeming qualities. It's congressman Cam Brady here. The plot alludes to real-life scandals Anthony Weiner and Goldman Sachs among thembut never really sticks to a political issue or delves into metaphor.

Director Roach clearly has a firm grasp on this type of comedy. It's especially resonant considering that in The Campaign he plays cocky, suited-up political figure Cam Brady, a North Carolina congressman running unopposed for re-election his catchphrase "America. He is self-involved, not terribly interested in doing his job and a bit of a sex addict.

Is it worth a trip to the theater. Email Copy Link Copied The Campaign hinges a major political debate on a colorful, crayon-rendered storybook one of its candidates made in elementary school.

While the first twenty minutes turn over a steady stream of laughs, the remaining hour and change delivers only slight variations of those same few jokes. The two face off in riotous slander, invidious advertising strategies, backbiting, and baby punching.

They can never let their guard down, so we can't either. For example, of the two scenes I just mentioned, the one involving the cigarette is the one that did not make the final cut.

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The campaign becomes personal right from the start with Brady taking personal pot shots at Huggins. One interesting twist in the way the story is told is that it is the Democrat Cam Brady who is the long term corrupt congressman, while the idealistic upstart is Republican Marty Huggins.

Second only to its two leads, Dylan McDermott seems to have the most fun as Marty's slick, calculating Motch Brothers-appointed campaign manager, or as he tells Marty, "I'm here to make you not suck. His Cam Brady is an obnoxious, completely clueless mixture of George W. The film, which follows two rival politicians who are trying to win an election, is the perfect project for director Jay Roach.

Strangely, Jason Sudeikis seems to abandon his somewhere near the end of the second act. The gloves are off in a no holds barred, winner takes all competition that has absolutely no rules, with either side eager to jump on discrediting the opposition camp.

My tension spiked with each crash or yell. The cast certainly makes this movie funnier than it should be. Directed by Jay Roach, who is no stranger to those who enjoy the trilogy of Austin Powers films, The Campaign put two current funny men together, and watch them explode as they rib each other to shreds as part of the political hustings to garner more votes by discrediting the other.

Even more harmless, mundane noises take on an outsized significance.

Movie review: 'The Campaign'

Not that it is so terrible to paint a brighter picture as this is a comedy, yet it might have been a little more interesting to take a darker path.

Much of the time it feels as if we lose no matter who wins. Not only is The Campaign stating that big businesses and banks are running our politicians, but it also points at the voters who are not really paying attention, voting on emotions instead of substance.

Although the antics and absurd lengths the two men go to in order to win are often hilarious, the real interesting aspect of The Campaign is what it has to say about our government. Paramount Pictures By Angie Han Real-life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt make for a stellar onscreen couple as well.

When sound does intrude, it's horribly jarring. Showing how dumb the voters are is genius and how corrupt the system is, The actors must of been willing to do this movie for free.

Seriously, baby, you get me so hard my dick presses against my zipper and it hurts like a motherfucker. The most honest thing Cam says about himself is, unfortunately, true of many real people in elected office.

Recognizing the opportunity to gain influence in the aftermath of the public gaffe, wealthy CEOs Glenn John Lithgow and Wade Motch Dan Aykroyd handpick credulous small-town tourism-center director Marty Huggins Galifianakis as Brady's new rival, and they quickly shape the socially awkward misfit into a viable candidate with the help of serpentine campaign manager Tim Wattley Dylan McDermott.

The saving grace among the cast is surprisingly McDermott, whose militant Tim Wattley character presents a refreshing counterbalance to Galifianakis and Ferrell's tired slapstick, especially near the end. I enjoyed the debate where Marty brings up the book that Cam wrote when he was in grade school about Rainbow Land, calling it his communist manifesto.

Aug 10,  · Because "The Campaign" tries to say something about truth versus hogwash in election season, it's doubly sad that the efforts of screenwriters Chris Henchy and Shawn Harwell come to so little. This R-rated comedy has just the right amount of sleazy one-liners, selfish motives and viral sex tapes to feel like a real election.

Art unfortunately imitates life in this political satire for.

The Campaign movie review

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Finding Kind is at the heart of all Kind Campaign Assemblies and makomamoa.comfilmmakers Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson set out on a 10, mile long cross-country journey of discovery and education, interviewing hundreds of females across America about girl-against-girl bullying.

The Campaign is being sold as a film about two idiots who will do anything to win an election. The commercials showed Will Ferrell denying that a tobacco company is supporting his campaign while holding up a cigarette on the Piers Morgan show. “Scare Campaign” comes to us from Australia, where one of the scariest films I’ve ever watched – Lake Mungo, still gives me the chills to this day.

Actually, I’ve enjoyed many films from that region, most of which have garnered a “TOV Editor’s Choice” award.

The campaign movie review
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